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The maximum quantity of flammable liquid stored in an equipment shall in general be not more than 5 I. Open- flame carbon-arc lamps Graphical symbols for use on equipment — Index and synopsis Plastics — Determination of tensile-impact strength Cellular plastics — Determination of horizontal burning characteristics of small specimens subjected to a small flame Recommendation K. In cases b and c , it is permitted to meet this requirement by connecting a thermostat in one conductor and a thermal cut-out in the other conductor. Section 2 Needle flame test method — Apparatus, confirmatory test arrangement and guidance first revision IS 41 The height of the drop shall be:

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Plastics — Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources — Part 4: However, if the castors are intended only to transport the unit, and if the installation instructions require jacks to be lowered after installation, then the jacks and not the castors are used in this test; the jacks are placed in their most unfavourable position, consistent with reasonable levelling of the unit.

From now onwards, the BIS will not accept any report without the mentioned amendment. It is permitted for pxrt parts of a circuit for example, a transformer-rectifier circuit to comply with all of the requirements for selv circuits and to be OPERATOR-accessible, while other parts of the same circuit do not comply with all of the requirements for selv circuits and are therefore not permitted to be oPERATOR-accessible.

Examples are sonic acousticradio frequency, infra-red, ultraviolet and ionizing radiation, and high intensity visible and coherent light lasers.

The construction of the cord anchorage shall be such that: The retention shall be as specified in Table 4 11. In case of doubt, supplementary insulation or reinforced insulation is subjected to an electric strength test as specified in 5. Fixed capacitors for electromagnetic interference suppression and connection to the supply mains lEC If a group of resistors is used, the current measurement in 2.


Compliance is checked by inspection, measurement and, where spillage of liquid could affect electrical insulation during replenishment, by the following test and, for flammable liquids, by the tests of 4.

Table 2E – Test duration, a. Compliance is checked by inspection and measurement and, if necessary, by test. If the protection of an selv circuit or a tnv circuit is achieved by earthing the protected circuit itself in accordance with 2.

Components should be selected so that they remain within their manufacturers’ ratings under normal operating conditions, and do not create a hazard under fault conditions. There shall be no cracks in the insulating material. Sectional specification for fixed capacitors for electromagnetic interference suppression and connection to 31252 supply mains IS Part 1: The tests are followed by inspection, including sectioning, and measurement.

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NOTE 6 If several cells for example, the six cells in a 12 V lead-acid battery are in a single casing, its fracture 2001 lead to a greater parg of leakage than from a single cell. Where necessary, if the data does not confirm that the material is non-hygroscopic, the hygroscopic nature of the material is determined by subjecting the component or subassembly employing the insulation in question to the humidity treatment of 2.

NOTE 3 Examples of telecommunication networks are: If a disconnect device is incorporated in the equipment, it shall be connected as closely 22010 practicable to the incoming supply. However, this option is only permitted if the cable is protected by a suitably rated protective device that takes into account the size of the conductor.

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Such measures are application dependent and are not dealt with by this standard. This symbol shall not be used for other earthing terminals.


An inlet bushing or cord guard secured to a conductive part that is not protectively earthed shall meet the requirements for supplementary insulation. In general, users shall not be exposed to hazards likely to cause injury, and information provided for users should primarily aim at avoiding misuse and situations likely to create hazards, such as connection to the wrong power source and replacement of fuses by incorrect types.

Full text of “IS Information Technology Equipment — Safety, Part 1: General Requirements”

In such equipment, temperature sensing devices, if provided, shall be located in all line conductors supplying the heating elements. Also, the abrasion resistance test of 2.

Moreover, such screws shall not be used if they are operated by the user or installer unless the thread is formed by a swaging action. NOTE 4 Reverse charging of a rechargeable battery occurs when the polarity of the charging circuit is reversed, aiding the discharge of the battery.

As a result, it may not pass the appropriate electric strength test if the field is substantially inhomogeneous. No protection is required against earth faults in equipment that either: Aprt is checked by the test procedure described below or by the inspection of the construction and the available data where appropriate. NOTE An example of such a construction is a 30 kV winding, consisting of multiple bobbins connected in series, and earthed at one end.

A metallic inlet bushing shall not be used in a non-metallic enclosure. If a single resistor is used, it shall pass the resistor test below.