While the examples in this documentation are mostly based on the Hash Driver, you will probably chose to use another type of backend. This procedure allows us to not only verify that the configuration is operational, but also to familiarize ourselves with the internal controls of DSPAM. So we have tokens, whose initial value is 0. Instead of working off of a list of “rules” to identify spam, DSPAM’s probabilistic engine examines the content of each message and learns what type of content the user deems as spam or nonspam. It therefore provides a tool to do some cleaning. Merged assembles the user dictionary and the dictionary referenced to form one new dictionary and use it for analysis.

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DSPAM exports a confidence value of the result produced. Obviously, with OSB as the tokenizer, the difficulty is knowing the original text of the dzpam. In this example, the message is marked ‘Delivered’ because, despite the incapacity of DSPAM to connect to Postfix, the message is considered valid.

You can install all of them if you like or just one. Sspam process we are following is described here: Comment 17 Bug Zapper Log in with user jean-kevin debian. DSPAM source code is available on http: Look more closely at these files, you have a file ‘jean-kevin. In Early Jan Sensory Networks announced that they could no longer support the project an offered the project to the dspam-community project.


Ubuntu – Details of package dspam in trusty

Mode ‘tum’, for example, learns on all message as well, but only for limited period of time called training and will only update the dictionary upon user interaction afterward. Description Gary Funck This is ddpam with ‘PurgeSignatures’.

Hasy token is only able to identify phrases such as:. In fact, it’s more complicated than that, because the CGI should be able to determine the identity depam the user who connects. It maintains per-user dictionaries of tokens in the user’s folder. To start the daemon as user ‘dspam’, the Debian standard method is to use start-stop-daemon, as follows: Postfix can very easily forward a sspam message to a content-filter configured in the master.

This dictionary contains the tokens and associated statistics, produced by the user. Thus, a token of 5 words will have a much greater weight than a token of only one word, according to the formula: When the message is innocent, the closer the value is to zero, the more confident DSPAM is in its result: We will rely of the source code for the installation, but you should probably check your distribution’s repository for existing packages.

In the logs of the user, we will see that the message was ‘retrained’ based on the specified class: For those who like the Germanic prose, here’s how a sentence will be cut by the different modules: If you would still like to see this bug fixed and hasy able to reproduce it against a later version of Fedora please change the ‘version’ of this bug to the applicable version.


The cron job does NOT depend on the hash driver. Make sure the user dspam can write in this directory. So we will need another program, which will stand between our Nginx and CGI scripts rspam execute them, this program is called ‘fcgiwrap’. There, we find traces of our message:.

Effectively fighting spam with DSPAM

Thus, if the message is innocent, confidence equals 1 – probability. But there are also more advanced modules, capable of taking into account different parts of each sentence. It is possible to share information between multiple dsspam in the form of groups.

DSPAM produces statistical data for each user because this approach is proved to be more efficient than having a global ruleset for all users see Technology below. All are hah excellent results; feel free to experiment with all of them. So that’s what we will use, via the following directive:. The examples in this document are based nash the Hash Driver, but can easily be transferred to any other backend.

Graham has also shown that, to be truly effective, statistics should be produced for each user individually.