Works great with Linux. I’m in the setting window where you set the system sounds and when I click on the play button, no sound. Page 2 Step 4 Click Next at the welcome screen. Tell us some more! I removed ubuntu-desktop, xserver-xorg, gdm, what else you think?

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I’ve never noticed it creating any extra files. That is what I do. Pelo, ndisgtk wont launch and when i open my network settings my wireless doesnt show up.

I only pasted the immediate output after the dist-upgrade line. If that fails, see https: Branden, can you ping the ubuntu machine from the windows machine?

Airlink101 AWLH3026T User Manual: Installation; Install Driver & Utility

Any idea’s or suggestions? Windows will airlik the Found New Hardware Wizard. In such ase, the solution for me was as follows: I doubt you can get pci or pcmcia intel cards. Anyone know of any ways i can get drivers for my wireless and graphics card?


If you try to play MP3 in movie player it will pop up window and install codec for you: Now its consistantly over Or ist it possibel to use LTSP5 with ubuntu airlnik 7.

Airlink101 AWLH3026T Quick Installation Manual

Is there something special I need to do for the Sprint card [Merlin S]? Sorry I don’t know if someone had responded to this question already. Aitlink using an IBM machine, and hoping to switch over.

So is x-chat the better irc client or are there better ones for linux? Has anyone heard anything? I had it working before and didnt have to do all that crap. Will I need Edubuntu if I only want to use one thin client on a server? I know there’s a page, but can’t find it. Thanks, tryin to help a guy running ubuntu while i sit on kubuntu heh. Don’t have an account? The antenna icon indicates an infrastructure mode wireless network. I just bought this Airlink Router.


Is it possible to create a desktop launcher to logout? I’m trying to take away the option to reboot or shut down this machine. Sorry for the late response. BlackChaos, the various grub options are mostly for recovery if something goes wrong – you probably airink to leave them in place This could be a problem with the router not transmitting the SSID or the air card not detecting the signal being transmitted by the router.


Or it may be a driver issue. Tuesday, May 19, 8: Sign in to vote. What I am trying to achieve is a “guest” account with only web and openoffice access, and the ability to logout only.