You can not post a blank message. The reason this seems to happen is because of the way that the script writes the unit status output to the lol. It is very convenient advantage of this update. I am actually having a small issue with the script – I receive a duplicate e-mail with each legit one – so every status update, I get 2 identical e-mails. You should be able to download it here: Works with small modifications also on ESX 5. Anonymous May 16, at 7:

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I commented out the second TIME line and the script no longer errors. I know this is old but still trying to solve the same problems.

Ok so far so good. The order should not matter, in my case the hardware controller was inside the server 9650se-4lpmml I installed the drivers. Does that give any clue to a solution?

I don’t receive an e-mail though so not sure what goes still. Sorry for the mistake!


Your code for creating email. Will you help me share it on social media? It is missing all the xml tags.

Josh Wesley March 10, at 3: PJA Media March 10, at 5: In case anyone wants to reference the old version it 3warr located here. Josh Wesley March 9, at 9: Works with small modifications also on ESX 5. It is helped me with the work in the e-mail. With one controller the script is working.

3Ware SE with ESXi « esSJae’s Virtualization Blog

PJA Media March 11, at 5: My old script is still running on my ESX system and working fine. Josh Wesley March 8, at You should be able to download it here: Were you able to install the driver from ESXi v5 and test it? Without the sleep command, openssl would just hang after about 2 lines of input. An example of the log for each run is thus: In your article, I think you may also have a bit missing in the cron bit: You can only run the installer on media that is present on the system.


PJA Media March 16, at 4: Eesxi, if you still have SSH access to your ESXi box, you can also just run the command below — without the –server parameter. I will try to do some simple data-storaging on the disks connected to my card in the coming month.

3ware SE – not supported in ESXi 6? |VMware Communities

I’d insert a short sleep in the for loop where you check the firewall rules. Did you directly copy the script from above? My controller in 5. Yours hoping, Paul A.

VMWare Do not recognize this controller: First, enable SSH and upload the.